Keto Meal replacement shake

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Keto BHB is a superior quality Ketogenic Supplement that delivers 12g of BHB per serving. Each tub has 900 grams of combined ingredients with a total of 18 grams per serving.

The product is designed for the most discerning consumer and is ideal for:

● Individuals following a weight management program and require sustained energy levels whilst stimulating fat metabolism.

● High-level executives, students, and biohackers with a goal of increasing alertness, focus and concentration levels via natural cognitive function.

● Sports people (bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and strength training athletes) with a goal of reducing muscle catabolism during intensive exercise, improved recovery, and increased endurance.


Mix 1 serving in 350-400mL of milk or cold water in a shaker, water bottle or glass and stir/shake vigorously. Drink 30 minutes before exercise or during periods of prolonged concentration. Keep in a cool dry place as product may attract moisture.